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  • Take A Mat Moment


    Our vegan leather mat is versatile; you can easily roll it up and put it inside our backpack for an adventure out or keep it in your vehicle for unexpected use. Standard Throw Size. 


    Imagine being at a friend's house and needing to feed your baby or toddler. You lay out the leather mat, and it catches all the mess. Picture going to the beach, and whenever a drink or snack falls, your whole blanket isn't wet and sticky. The leather mat wipes clean. Imagine teaching your baby tummy time without worrying about vacuuming. It's the perfect mat for a spontaneous date at sunset or for the mom on the go.


    -Weatherproof -Stain Resistant -Washer Friendly on Delicate -Vegan Leather


    -Kid Friendly -Mothers -Travelers -Outdoor Adventures -Pets


    Oyster Color is a soft beige, pink with white suede on the bottom. 


    Leather Mat

    SKU: 0008
    C$79.00 Regular Price
    C$69.00Sale Price
    • Size/ 54x50 inches.

      Fits three adults / five children