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  • The perfect combo for a loved one, mother or children. A $230 value for $180 Canadian. $130 USD. 


    Versatile Backpack In Sage or Pearl

    -Diaper Bag

    -Picnic Backpack

    -Carry On 

    -Hot / Cold Insulation

    -Stain Resistant 


    -6 Zipper Compartments

    -32 Litre




    Leather Mat In Oyster or Snow

    -Stain Resistant 

    -Non Toxic

    -Easily rolls up 

    -Throw Size 50x80




    Travertine Tray 6x6 or x2 Coasters 

    Ole Cocktail or Mocktail


    Fill the backpack with sweet toys and spring outerwear for little ones to open up. Alternatively, fill the backpack with charcuterie and head to the beach to sit on the leather mat while enjoying some food and drinks. It's the perfect housewarming gift or gift for the mom on the go. Effortlessly fit everything you need inside while enjoying its cooling capabilities.





    Mother's Day Gift Backpack + Leather Mat + Travertine Tray